Instagram Ads Masterclass

Here you will find all the resources, tools, and links mentioned in the Instagram Ads Masterclass

Download the Course Workbook 

Download and print the course workbook HERE
This is a guide that will help you put into practice what you are learning.

Links mentioned in the course

Facebook Ads Manager

Here you can access the Facebook Ads Manager. Where we will create all the Instagram Ads course ads.

Facebook Business Manager (opcional)

Here you can access the Facebook Business Manager. This step is optional, if you are a beginner you can use the Ads Manager.

Tool to check how much text in the Imagem

Facebook recommends that all images used in ads on Facebook or Instagram have less than 20% text. With this tool we can test. – Subtitles for your vídeos is one of the most popular sites for creating subtitles.

Facebook Support for Business

Get in touch directly with Facebook. If you have any problems or questions you can contact Facebook.

Tools for Instagram

Here are some tools that we use during the course.

Spark Camera App

Tool to create optimized videos for Instagram.

Clipomatic App

Tool for generating subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese and many other languages. Optimized for Instagram videos.

Tools to create/edit images for Instagram

Here is the program for editing images that we use in the course.


One of the best programs for editing and creating images. We will use it to create ads for Instagram. Alternatively, you can also use

One of the best programs for editing and creating images.

Tools for Video Editing

Here we have several programs for video editing. Some are paid, others are free. Take a look at the list and choose the best one for you.

Camtasia Studio (Windows and Mac)

One of the best programs for capturing and editing videos.

Screenflow (Mac only)

One of the best programs for capturing and editing videos. Diego Davila uses this program to record all online courses.

Website Hosting

This is the web hosting services that I recommend to my students and clients. offers special prices for my students, including domain and hosting. Click on the “See more” button to access all the information.

We have a partnership with where they offer reduced prices for all our students. To see the discount plans click on the button beside and use the coupon “DIEGODAVILA”.

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